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Eleven days until I leave for school!

Spent the morning painting the porch and railings outside, which actually isn't a very bad task. This afternoon, I have a doctor's appointment and then my dad and I are going shopping for some supplies I'll need in my dorm, ie: snacks and things like shampoo. ;) I'm getting a bit excited, actually.

Got cornered in the grocery yesterday by one of my aunts. She's a bit of an oddity and I don't see their family too often even though they live in the same town as my parents. Her husband is an extremist sort of pastor, the kind that claims it'll not be long now before they are all raptured up to Heaven and who doesn't allow his kids to make friends with people who are not devout Christians according to his standards (for example, he doesn't think Catholics, Orthodox or certain popular denominations are Christian). They disowned my cousin when she came out as a lesbian, after pretending for a very long time that it wasn't happening. My aunt isn't actually very religious, not in the way I think of religious which is respecting the sacred. Hers is sort of a pick and choose religion. She believes, for instance, that if she wakes up in the middle of the night and has to use the bathroom, that is God calling on her to pray and sacrifice her sleep for him. To each their own, I suppose, it just seems like dice tossing more than religion, but I'm an agnostic, church-going but still agnostic, so I guess I don't have much say. Anyway, my aunt and I had a strange banter. This is more or less an accurate transcript:

Aunt: *sharply* Lily!
Me: Hey, aunt T
Aunt: *narrowing eyes* What are you wearing?
Me: *wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of Remus Lupin on it*
Aunt: *glaring* You are harlot?
Me: Er, I don't think so
Aunt: That's a lot of eyeliner for someone who isn't in the sex industry, honey.
Me: Okay...I'll wash it off at home.
Aunt: You do that. Take that lipstick off, too (Clear gloss!). You look like a slut. That's the wrong kind of attention, you know? Guys around here don't respect girls that sleep around.
Me: I'm not actually dating here right now...
Aunt: Dating's a sin. You should court. That's what your cousin A did. (Cousin A is 15)  Your dad said you were leaving.
Me: I am, in two weeks.
Aunt: He said you'd already left.
Me: Oh, well, I haven't.
Aunt: He said you were gone.
Me: *trying to smile* No, I'm here.
Aunt: No, he said you'd left. *shakes head* Well, before you leave you need to stop over by the house, got that?
Me: Sure
Aunt: I mean it. We got to pray over you before you go.
Me: Oh?
Aunt: *glaring again* They teaching you evolution at your school? Trying to turn you away from the Lord? The righteous shall win out, little miss. Only the meek will stand to inherit *loses cohesion* Yeah, we need to say prayers of protection over you! You need the armour of God on you! Temptation comes from all sides. Satan will try to sway you, you know! Your evolution classes don't teach you that, huh?
Me: I'm not taking science courses this term...
Aunt: Ungodly curriculum all of it.
Me: I go to a Catholic school. We're actually required to do a religions course.
Aunt: Catholics! Geez, gee whiz I can tell you some things about Catholics. Catholics! *in my face* You worship the Pope?
Me: No.
Aunt: Kiss a pope's ring?
Me: Is that part of it? I'm not Catholic, I just go there.
Aunt: *muttering under her breath* Having sex with the Pope...
Me: I'm not.
Aunt: You stay away from those Satanists.
Me: I don't know any Satanists, actually...
Aunt: You think you're funny? You think it's a joke? The Catholic church is full of Satanists. The Christians are being persecuted by Satanists. There are Satanists here, everywhere. The Lord told me that. Look, Satanists. *points to a woman buying milk* Black cloaked Satanist!
Me: Um, the ice cream is melting...I should get going.
Aunt: You come by the house, we'll knock those devils back! You'll stand for purity in this demonic world. Can't be too careful. Never too soon to get right with God. The day of judgement will soon be upon us. Hey, do you know what aisle the ketchup is in?
Me: Six, I think.
Aunt: It would be six. 666. Satanists! I shouldn't be giving my money here. You take care, honey, we'll see you this week.

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