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no more dreaming...

Fanfiction: A storm on the distant horizon

Fanfiction: A storm on the distant horizon

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alex and her sex life lol
Title: A storm on the distant horizon
Rating: MA/NC-17
Word Count: 688
Summary: Richard, in the Hydra cages, with handcuffs & eyeliner. Inspired by an icon I made, actually. Sequel of sorts to "Caught", which can be read at http://the-hostiles.livejournal.com/2399.html
Pairings: Alex/Richard
Characters: Alex, Richard, mention of Ben
Prompt: 50ficlets table four, prompt #6 "storm"
Notes: moderately graphic sexuality between an adult and a consenting minor. Avoid if that bothers you.

     They were damned anyway. Richard knew this, but as Alex's mouth sought him out in the darkness, he could not shake his belief that something far worse could yet befall them.

    "I thought you were asleep," he murmured, wishing he could touch her. His hands were cuffed to the bars behind him, a pose that made him distinctly uneasy. His thoughts were reminiscent of the past, though he knew better than to think Ben had ordered it deliberately. Ben was wise and watchful, but Richard had been keeping secrets far longer than Ben had been alive, and his origins were clouded even to those closest to him.

    Alex shook her head. Richard could barely see her, though the glaring searchlights shone in the distance, bright beacons, and the sodium lamps with their foggy auras cast small circles further down the path. Alex was tangled hair, torn clothes, narrowed eyes sparkling. She rested her head against his chest, and Richard felt himself sag slightly against the bars of the cage. He had been standing for a day on weary legs. "I couldn't sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I see his face." There was rage there, welling beneath the surface like blood from a wound. "I wish..." she started, then her voice faded, rueful. Dark thoughts, Richard knew. He had been thinking them, too.

    "It's going to be all right," Richard tried to reassure her. He sighed, letting his eyes flutter closed as Alex kissed his face and unbuttoned his shirt. He listened to the wind in the trees, wishing he could pull free of his bonds and hold her. He tugged the cuffs, feeling the well of blood over his wrists where the metal cut into the flesh. One hand free, he wrapped his arm around Alex's shoulders.

    "He's going to let you go," Alex prophesised. She moved in the darkness, pulling away. Richard heard the sound of her tugging off her shirt, and hissed air through his parted lips, warned but unheeding. When she leaned against him, her body was warm, no boundaries, her skin against his own. “He can’t keep you here,” she added. “He knows who you are.”

    “Who am I?” Richard asked in return, serious. He stared into her eyes, trying to read her emotions, see the window through to her soul, but the night was still, dark and starless. Clouds hovered overhead, gathering weight. He wondered what would happen if Alex was right, what would become of her in the aftermath, but she stole his thoughts away from their grim future, her hands opening his trousers. “Alex...”

    “What’s he going to do?” she inquired, slipping out of her own clothes. She had been left unchained, still free and spiteful. “Brand me? Keep me locked up forever?” With a disdainful toss of her hair, she kicked her jeans aside. “I’m already a prisoner here, Richard. How much worse can it possibly get?”

    He lifted her fluidly instead of answering, his free arm cradling her bottom. Her knees grazed his hips, settled around his waist. He knew the bars must hurt, hard and rusted against her calves, but he tuned out the worry, ignoring the sensation of metal against his back as he steadied himself. He could feel Alex’s exploratory touch on him like an inquisitive child as he entered her. She cradled her palm against his cheek, bestowed a kiss to his earlobe, traced the dark fringe of lashes and kohl lines beneath his eyes. She moved in his rhythm, throwing her head back, her eyes open to the dark night as Richard nipped sharp kisses along her throat.

    There were monitors, Richard knew, cameras pointed right at them. Even in the darkness, they saw and recorded all in infrared, glorious night vision. It did not matter. He guided Alex’s movements with his unchained hand, entering her to the hilt. He felt her arms wrapped tight around his neck like someone drowning, and the way she kissed him, harsh and hurried. He stirred, tasting bliss as she rode him, and decided to accept fate.

    Above, the clouds accumulated, a storm on the distant horizon.

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    • Yay, thank you! I'm in such a Richard/Alex writing mood lately, but I guess that's a good thing. Thanks for adding me over here, by the way.
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        • Thank you. :) It does mean a lot to me when someone enjoys my writing, even moreso because I've read a lot from you and always love it.

          It's good to be back, thanks! :)
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