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no more dreaming...

So, I broke my laptop... I was picking it up in order to plug a USB…

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sawyer reading
So, I broke my laptop...

I was picking it up in order to plug a USB device in the back, and somehow I pressed on the screen and cracked it. Like, a huge line across the entire screen. :( My brother tried to fix it but was unable. All my stories, completed and in progress, my hundreds of illicit downloaded songs, lots of pictures and icons...gone. The good part of the story is I upgraded to a new computer that I like much better. The old one was a Dell Inspiron, this one is a Gateway, and it's a lot faster, came pre-loaded with Microsoft 7 which I like so far, has a web cam and lots more hard drive space, faster processor, etc...

I've been doing a lot of reading, mostly good books but I came across one I really disliked. The author is an American woman in her forties, and she was describing prostitution in Thailand. I bought it because it sounded interesting and I thought it would be wise and fair to read about the lives of the women there, but the writer mostly recorded how hard it was getting to know people, and how unstrustworthy all her sources turned out to be, and then about her affair with a married Thai pimp who invited his wife to her apartment and destroyed her stuff but how she took him back because he brought a flower. Anyway, it should have been marketed as the autobiography of a grad student researching in Thailand, because 75% was about her life, her trip to India as a hippie, her love affairs and classes, and just 25% or so was actually about the red light districts and such. I'm now reading H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" classic because I've never quite gotten around to it. Earlier today, I watched "The Exorcist" and our family went to dinner.
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    • Hmmm...good idea! I just have to find another monitor. I think I can do a network file transfer while I'm at home, but we'll have to see.
  • What??? All your stories gone?! I am so sorry that happened. :-( This isn't much of a consolation, but if you want any of my illicitly-downloaded music, I'll be glad to share.

    But yay webcam! :-D (No pressure, of course, hehe.)

    That book you read sounds incredibly unprofessional, to be frank... I can't think of what it could possibly be marketed as apart from an autobiography. :-/

    So you're back at school now, yeah? I'm back home, still jet-lagging like no tomorrow, but otherwise safe and sound.

    Hoping that you are well, and that we might talk again soon. :-)
    • Well, at least for now. I think I can get a cord for file transfer through USB, I'm just not sure how it'll work. I tried doing a network file sharing between the new and old computers, but since this one is Windows 7 and the old was Vista, it didn't work. Anyway, I'll just have to get inspired to write more. :)

      Hmm....I might use the webcam. I cut my hair so I look really different. 38cm/15 inches of hair gone and donated. My dad says my hair looks punk rock, though I don't think he considers that a compliment, LoL.

      Yes, I'm here, and I actually have a class in a few hours, since I signed up for a Sunday class. My schedule is really relaxed, though. 10-12 M-Th, 9-1 F and 1-5 Sunday. I'm not sure what my work hours will be like yet, but I suppose we'll find out soon. I'll download Yahoo for this computer then, and send you a message. :D
      • I'm not sure if you can transfer files straight from one computer to another via USB, but it's worth a try. Or if you manage to hook the old one to a new monitor, you might be able to dump all your files in some (private) online repository where you might be able to download them from the new computer. Put it all in a zipfile and stick it on sendspace or something. My inspiration deserted me midway through my time in Tokyo, and so all I've got to show for my creative endeavours this summer is a less-than-half-completed short story about love on the Tokyo subway...

        Have you got a mohawk, then? Hehe. I'm sure that your new hair looks good, anyhow, whatever it is. :-) Myself, I got a haircut a week or so before leaving on holiday, so at the moment my hair's still doesn't qualify as long-long, but it's grown out a bit.

        Have fun at class! I'm probably going out with the family to indulge in some capitalist fun AKA shop till we drop, hehe. School starts in about a week for me, and though my schedule's saved somewhere on my computer, the blasted machine's lagging so badly I don't think I can bring the schedule up without crashing my computer, LoL. Might have to reboot my computer soon and I'll let you know mine - all I know is mine's not nearly as lax as yours. Of course, I haven't a class on Sunday... :-P

        My Yahoo's up and running. You might catch me when I'm out though, but my computer's always switched on, so if you leave a message I'll see it on my screen when I'm back. :-)
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